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SuperHappyDevHouse 2

With my wife out of town for work, I decided to attend SuperHappyDevHouse 2, an all-night gathering of elite coders, their laptops, and about a dozen power strips. The idea is terrific — get people together to work on whatever they want. […]


Switching to WordPress

Now that this blog has over a hundred subscribers and has received multiple awards, I think it’s time to move onto something more sophisticated than blosxom. I’m moving over to WordPress. The old feed will still work. If you are a subscriber […]


Local Geek Becomes Local Mac Geek (Again)

Note: This embarassingly self-absorbed message is a parody of this other embarassingly self-absorbed message from 7+ years ago: http://www.scottkleper.com/crossplatform.txt Local Geek Becomes Local Mac Geek (Again) 06/07/05 San Francisco, CA — Scott J. Kleper, reluctant security architect and PADI-certified scuba diver, announced […]