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My Day in Court

I don’t really drive very much, since we are a proud one-car family. Most days, I take the train to work. In January, however, a friend of mine let me borrow his car while he was out of the country. The very […]


A Karate Kid Moment

Throughout most of my tenure at a security software company, I was of the opinion that despite being in a great work environment with great people, security was inherently boring. My reasoning was that in a perfect world, we’d still have video […]


Why is Enterprise Software So Bad?

Now that I’m a seasoned Senior Enterprise Software Engineer with 6 years of industry experience, I feel qualified to point out that as a whole, enterprise software is kind of a joke. Case in point: I spent the last two days trying […]


Belated Coffee with Dave

Some time during my Junior year at Stanford, I got an email out of the blue from Dave Weekly. I had never actually met Dave, but he pointed out that we seemed to know the same people (the hip CS crowd, if […]