Back when I originally posted about my first success making Dole Whip at home, I was happy enough just to get the flavor right. But even then, I knew the consistency was way off. My homemade Dole Whip was icy and more like pineapple granita than true Dole Whip.

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Since then, I’ve tried several approaches to improving the consistency, including pre-cooling the mix to lower the chill time and even adding milk to the otherwise non-dairy Dole Whip to give it a more ice cream-like texture (this was a disaster).

The solution hit me today — maybe there’s actually a reason why they call it Dole Whip. The instructions that came with the mix didn’t say anything about whipping the finished product, but I gave it a shot and it turned out next to perfect!

Here are the steps to near-perfect Dole Whip at home:

  1. Buy Pineapple Dole Whip mix from these guys.
  2. Get an Ice Cream Maker with a compressor.
  3. Follow the directions to make the mix (half-quart cold water, whisk in 1 1/3 cups Dole mix, fill to 1 quart of water, stir)
  4. Pour the mix in the ice cream maker and let it process until it has an slightly icy soft serve texture.
  5. Freeze the Dole Whip. It’ll harden like a granita.
  6. Mash up the frozen Dole Whip a bit with a spoon and process for a minute or two with a handheld mixer.

In my single attempt so far, I ended up with a much fluffier and smoother Dole Whip that was far less icy but still thick enough to be scooped onto a cone. Perfect Dole Whip at home is still just a dream, but we’re getting closer.

4 thoughts on “Dole Whip Epiphany – You've Gotta Whip It, People!

  1. David Borough

    A little tip — to get that AMAZING flavor you miss from the Dole Plantation, try the following recipe:

    For a 1 qt 1 cup mix, follow directions as given above.
    Then add 1 cup of Dole Pineapple juice.
    Follow all other directions as shown.

    Now, you will have that extra kick and a very NATURAL flavor from your Dole Whip. We have done this several times in the suggested LELLO GELATO which we purchased on eBAY. We also did not have to freeze afterwards or remix. Without the pineapple juice the mix is too strong and does not give you that original consistency. Use the pineapple juice and you’ll have a whole new experience. You will also “stretch” your DOLE mix a little because this recipe yields a bit more (1 cup) with the Pineapple Juice!!!

    Another option, if you want a creamier texture, is to do as follows:

    Follow directions as given above, however, add 1/2 – 1 cup of 2% MILK or HALF and HALF BEFORE adding water to the 1 QT line. Then add 1 cup of pineapple juice. This will provide a good flavor, but a slightly more rich and soft result. No need to freeze or remix.

  2. klep

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to try it out.

    I actually did try making “pineapple ice cream” once using a standard ice cream recipe and pineapple juice. Unfortunately, I forgot that pineapple juice is so sweet that adding sugar was not only unnecessary, it rendered the whole thing inedible. So balance is key here.

    I also tried adding skim milk instead of water to the standard Dole Whip recipe with disappointing results, but I’m willing to believe that half and half plus pineapple juice could unlock the mystery.

  3. dara

    Thanks for this post. I’ll try to make one of this. I love the fact that you try to put some pineapple juice, i really like the distinct sweetness of pineapple juice.. =)) Your tips seem so helpful.

  4. Judith Tobias

    I received my my mix today. My ice cream makerof drum has been in the back of the freezer for 4 days. On my way back home from an errand, I will pick up the juice. Can’t wait to try it. Yeh

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