More random people continue to IM me thinking I’m somebody else, despite the fact that I’ve set up my client to only allow messages from my list of contacts (this would seem to be a bug).

[15:44] kelly2171: Still alive?
[15:44] klep: Pretty much.
[15:45] kelly2171: I have to babysit Mike until around 6:15, more later if you need me.
[15:45] klep: Uh, ok. This is awkward, but do I know you?
[15:45] klep: Or Mike, for that matter?
[15:45] kelly2171: Are you kerries mom
[15:45] klep: I don’t think so. I’d remember having a child…. and being female.

Again, these people bail out of what was becoming an interesting conversation as soon as they realize that I’m a total stranger. I guess I shouldn’t reveal that so quickly.

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