I started writing an Automator script to do a nightly fresh checkout of SpotDJ, build the product, run the tests, and check in the latest version. I didn’t see an automator action that could do an svn checkout (though there is one that does svn updates) so I threw one together.

Feel free to use it, distribute it, etc. As a disclaimer, I eventually decided that my needs were better handled by a simple bash script than automator, so I’m not using this action currently. Also, it requires that you have command-line svn installed.

You can download the action here.

2 thoughts on “SVN Checkout Automator Action

  1. Quinn Taylor

    Can you make the source available? Apple’s Automator download page doesn’t seem to have the update file anymore, and I’d like to play with the source to see about doing other Automator actions dealing with Subversion.

  2. klep

    I’m not sure what you mean by “source”. Here’s the shell script that the action runs:

    #!/usr/bin/env sh

    # main.command
    # svn checkout

    # Created by Scott Kleper on 9/13/06.

    PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin export PATH

    svn co $url –username $username –password $password –non-interactive “$directoryPath”

    # return the directory for the next action
    echo “$directoryPath”

    exit 0

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