Since I have a 4 letter Yahoo! id, I used to receive random messages from time-to-time. Not spam, just people who had the wrong address. I generally replied as if I was the intended recipient, embarassing the sender, ccing my coworkers for amusement, and generally dooming myself to hell. Maybe I’ll post some gems some time…

I don’t check my Yahoo! email account much anymore, but I still use Yahoo! for instant messaging. Throughout the last few weeks, someone kept messaging me from time to time with innocuous messages like, “Hey, how’s it going?” I didn’t know this person and figured that they’d go away eventually. Today, I decided to
engage them in conversation. IDs have been changed.

(13:40:09) xdd524: I KNOW ITS BEEN A WHILE BUT

(13:41:58) klep: I hope you won’t think this rude, but who is this?

(13:42:11) xdd524: sue
from swindon

(13:42:22) klep: Oh! Hi Sue!

(13:42:29) xdd524: lol

(13:44:24) xdd524: how u doing

(13:45:36) klep: Good. How are you doing?

(13:46:03) xdd524: not bad

(13:46:10) xdd524: settled into my new flat now

(13:46:10) klep: It sure has been a while.

(13:46:15) xdd524: and i got a job too

(13:46:17) xdd524: yep

(13:46:22) klep: Where are you working now?

(13:46:42) xdd524: i am working in a local hotel – just to get me out of here a few hrs

(13:46:47) xdd524: i am still doing the cards

(13:46:54) klep: Yeah, you gotta keep up with the cards.

(13:47:18) xdd524: oh yeah

(13:47:27) xdd524: i enjoy doing them too much to stop

(13:47:34) xdd524: didnt realiose you made them too

(13:47:45) klep: Oh yeah. Making cards. It’s pretty much all I do.

(13:48:35) xdd524:

(13:48:46) xdd524: its fun isnt it

(13:48:50) klep: Totally. So which hotel?

(13:49:31) xdd524: METHEUN in corsham

(13:49:38) klep: Ah, my favourite.

(13:49:43) xdd524: ?

(13:49:51) klep: Well, my favourite in Corsham.

(13:50:04) xdd524: didnt think u would know it

(13:50:11) klep: Well, it’s my favourite now.

(13:50:17) xdd524: lol

(13:50:33) klep: Is that the one with the live tiger in the lobby?

(13:50:43) klep: Right next to the lift?

(13:50:54) xdd524: think it used to have, doesnt now

(13:51:03) klep: Yeah, that tiger was getting old.

(13:51:25) xdd524: shame to keep a wild animal like that

(13:51:40) klep: I don’t know. He seemed to have it pretty good. I went there once during feeding.

(13:52:55) xdd524: yeah but he didnt have his freedom,but i suppose if he was always kept like that he didnt knwo anything else

(13:53:53) klep: Right. I think a hotel lobby is the best place for an animal to be in captivity. At least, the best place in Corsham.

(13:54:33) xdd524: true

(13:54:54) klep: So, who is this?

And it just stopped there. What the hell? If you just found out you’ve been talking to a total stranger, don’t you want to at least find out who it is?

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