As an allergy sufferer, I’ve never had a traditional pet. But I did have something better — my pet hermit crab, Jessie. Jessie’s crabitat was a gift from my wife about two years ago. And while he’s been through a few roommates that didn’t last very long (Jessie attacks other crabs), Jessie’s cautious approach to life kept him safe and healthy for almost two years.

Unfortunately, Jessie’s favorite game, Am I Molting, or Am I Dead? ended fatally today when the tragic answer was: both. It seems Jessie molted and then decided that none of the four shells in his crabitat were a suitable new home for him. In desperation, he tried to go sans-shell, the kiss of death for a hermit crab. I found him this morning in an empty water dish — naked and possibly drunk. He was dead. Jessie was 2 years old.

Jessie and I had so much in common. He was like a younger me — quickly darting into his shell at the slightest sound and periodically shedding his exoskeleton. I know Jessie is in a better place now. Probably on a bed of coconut in heaven, with lots of caves to hide in. Jessie — I hope you find the perfect shell you were looking for.

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  1. Bill Walker

    my condolences.

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